Decidere in Medicina (Medical Decison Making)

Decidere in Medicina (Medical Decison Making)

Clinical Practice, Ethics, Legal, Health

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“Decidere in Medicina” is a bi-monthly evidence-based medicine journal that provides physicians with the best evidence available on both commonly encountered situations and on more rare cases, offering tools for dealing with uncertainty in clinical practice and strategies to reduce it, drawing inspiration from teachings in various fields of medicine.

What is the proper way to conduct physical examinations and write medical histories? What signs and symptoms need to be looked for? How should a diagnostic hypotheses be formulated? What exams should be requested? What operations and procedures should be performed? What drugs should be prescribed and administered?
These are questions that every doctor has to answer every day, taking into account the specificity of the individual patient.

Each case that each doctor is faced with is always a case in itself, because for the patient it is not always just a matter of health, but also of ethical, cultural, and religious views, and of past experiences, fears and difficulties in understanding the matter. It is in this framework that the doctor must make decisions in the shortest time and in the most effective way possible, while safeguarding his/her own rights and those of the individual being cared for.

The physician is thus required to produce an accurate synthesis of his/her own scientific knowledge, which must be increasingly vast and continuously updated and supplemented by clinical observation, experience, available resources and the amenability of the patient.

In publication for more than 20 years, "Decidere in Medicina" is an important tool for doctors in the performance of their primary and essential task: "making decisions" - correctly - for the good of the patient, covering both the purely clinical sphere and all those fields that influence the medical profession each and every day: ethics, deontology, jurisprudence, and organization.


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