Emergency Medicine Practice

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The hands-on, evidence-based experience you need for everyday life.

Emergency Medicine Practice takes you step-by-step from the moment patients arrive in the emergency department to present their case, often in a vague way, through risk stratification, laboratory tests and imaging, treatment and management.

Each issue addresses an evidence-based medicine topic and provides practical recommendations for immediate case management.

Each issue is written and peer-reviewed by experienced Emergency Room physicians who care deeply about providing every patient with the care they deserve.

All clinical situations are introduced by three clinical cases that are addressed starting from:

Description of clinical cases

Brief presentation of the situation as it may appear to the doctor
Critical evaluation of the literature
Analysis of the most current recommendations, guidelines and clinical studies conducted
Etiology and pathophysiology
Detailed description of the anatomical and physiological bases
Evaluation in the Emergency Department
Indications and key elements (medical history, physical examination and diagnosis) on the types of evaluation to be carried out in the practical management of the case
The most suitable treatment strategies and methods
Clinical procedure
Schematic summary to quickly assess the clinical path
Strategies for reducing time and optimizing costs

...and so

10 mistakes to avoid: the most common pitfalls of medical practice and practical help to avoid them.

Final summary memorandum with key points to keep in mind when treating patients.

All monographs are accompanied by a useful international bibliography and by flowcharts, which make it possible to quickly visualize the different therapeutic paths, identifying the most practicable one for the patient in the situation being assessed.

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