Opening article of each issue (EBM, organization, opinions, ideas).

Latest news

A selection of articles from the world of medicine to keep up-to-date on current events.

Pharmaceutical Diary

Updates from the world of pharmaceuticals.

Clinical cases

Clinical cases presented in a structured manner, describing the actual unfolding of events. The Reader is involved in discussing and evaluating the choices, through questions that highlight the crucial decision-making issues.

Case report

Descriptions of unique and rare clinical cases, or particularly difficult solutions


The Radiologist's diagnoses

X-rays can hide surprises if not read with the utmost attention and care. The expert Silvia Grazioli guides the reader in reading through clinical cases.

What do we know?

Clinical cases aimed at specific situations: not reviews of the literature on a major topic, but developments (always evidence based) of well-defined problems within a macro-theme.

Medicine through the ages

This column discusses significant events and facts that occurred in medical history and highlights the correlations with the present.

Focus on

Decision and responsability

Column of forensic medicine that seeks to examine clinical cases from a medical and legal point of view, analyzing those aspects of medical practice that come up against accusations, objections, and complaints.

Medical jurisprudence 

edited by Sergio Fucci: news, comments and insights into resolved court cases involving Healthcare Professionals in order to keep abreast of potential criminal and civil liability.

Clinical pharmacology and pharmacoeconomics 

edited by Carlo Manfredi

Topic of the year 2024 From the Emergency Room to the Emergency Medicine

Topic of the year 2023 Mountain Medicine

Topic of the year2022 Rare diseases 

This column is coordinated with the 10-credit FAD CME course.

Clinical case and ECG images

Learn from a question 

edited by Sossio Serra and Gemma C. Morabito


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