A multidisciplinary approach
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The various professional skills implementation means that every aspect of health (organic, psychological, and social) is assessed and treated by a qualified professional. Furthermore, we could affirm that this multidisciplinary model allows patients to bring together each part of their suffering and elaborate them all in the process of care. The implementation of different professional skills means that all the aspects of health involved (organic, psychological, and social) are assessed and treated in a suitable manner.


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In the last few years, one of WHO and National Health Services' main purposes has been dealing with couple infertility with a focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment aspects. In Human fertility and infertility management: a multidisciplinary approach, an outstanding team of specialists discusses the principles of preventive medicine applied to infertility, considering both female and male causes of this condition, to identify the critical areas of intervention.

Human fertility and infertility management: a multidisciplinary approach is the outcome of several years of collaborative efforts, both in the fields of Endocrinology and Human Reproductive Medicine studies.

The book aims to offer an alternative perspective about managing human fertility and infertility. The advantages of such a multidisciplinary approach are financial and – above all – psycho-relational. By acquiring fertility awareness (Fertility Awareness, FA), couples with conceiving concerns can achieve results at least equal in terms of conception rates to those assisted by MAP.

Human fertility and infertility management: a multidisciplinary approach highlights the need for a multidisciplinary partnership that respects, enhances, and promotes the specific skills and responsibilities across the different fields involved. As intended, the teamwork has to be based on a coherent shared project by engaging both research and care experiences.

We wish this book to become a useful and usable tool for healthcare operators – in training courses and as an opportunity to keep up to date – and all the protagonists of this new and growing fertility awareness, allowing us all to embrace the future with hope.



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